Dentist Ithaca Your Tongue and Taste Buds

Dental Office in Ithaca NY With Facts that Roll off the Tongue

When most patients make an appointment with our dental office in Ithaca, NY, it is to see Dr. Comisi over an issue concerning their teeth. What many may fail to know, that we wish for them to see, is that the health of your entire mouth is of our concern and what we take care of! From your gums to your cheeks, to the topic of today’s blog- your tongue- making sure all pieces of the oral health puzzle are healthy is essential to the doctor.


Even though most patients use their tongues for speech, swallowing and eating on a daily basis, we see that they know very little actually about their tongues. For that very reason, today we have provided some “tasty” facts on tongues and taste buds that may peak your interest:


-Every tongue is unique! Your tongue is as unique as your fingerprint- everyone’s is different. And while you may not be licking your iPhone to unlock it anytime soon- means of identifying people by their “tongue print” are being researched.


-You have taste buds in places you didn’t even know! Sure, there is a majority on your tongue, but the back of your throat, inside your nose and at the top of the esophagus are all other places you have these taste-perception-sending cells.


-Average adult tongues have between 2000 and 4000 taste buds covering them. The cells within the taste bud responsible for how we perceive tastes can renew themselves every week!


-Your tongue is an amalgamation of different muscles- not just one! It has 8 different muscles altogether that intertwine and work together. It is also the only muscle that works away from the skeleton!


For more information about your tongue and your taste buds, or to have Dr. Comisi examine them at your next visit, call our dental office in Ithaca NY today at (607) 272-3433.


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