Dentist Ithaca Why We Smile

Ithaca Dentist on Smiling Benefits

Dr. Comisi, your Ithaca dentist, truly believes in the power of the smile. It is the reason he became a dentist in the first place and continues to treat and educate patients around the world. Most people may correlate a smile to just cosmetic appeal or a way to eat, but the power of a smile goes far beyond that.


Today we will be taking a look at some of the “deeper” aspects of smiling you may have never considered, with the hope it makes you appreciate your true smile like never before.


First of all, it is not in any contention that you look your best when you smile. You can project happiness, humbleness, pride, confidence, interest and stir so many more emotions. You can even make a connection with a certain someone across the room or demonstrate competence silently- all by giving off a genuine smile.


From a physical standpoint, smiling does a lot for you too. By genuinely smiling, because fake smiling is obvious to your body, you can actually be reversing some signs of aging. Bags under eyes, crow’s feet, wrinkles and more can be reduced by exercising muscles in the face by smiling. According to some studies, smiling can make you appear an average of 5 years younger…and who wouldn’t want that?!


Internally, move over milk- because smiling does a body good. By smiling regularly, you can be releasing positive emotional hormones and endorphins into your body that help improve mood, reduce stress, lessen pain and even help you get healthier, quicker. That’s right, smiling helps the immune system stay at ease, so if you become ill- it can hop into action even quicker and more efficiently.


Lastly, although it may be cliché- smiling IS, in fact, contagious. Studies show that over 50% of people you smile at will smile back or go on to smile at someone else. You can now smile even MORE knowing that every time you smile you can be passing all of these above benefits on to someone else too.


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