Dentist Ithaca What's Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentist in Ithaca Provides Options for Patients who Fear their Appointments


Countless patients around the world have an enormous fear of going to the dentist, which holds them back from making and going to their appointments. Because of this, their teeth may be suffering for an extended amount of time and can end up with irreversible damage. It can be hard to accept that there is a solution for this, but thankfully, your sedation dentist in Ithaca can treat your phobia and work to protect your smile at the same time!


Discussing sedation with your dentist can be the best option for those who have a deep fear of dental work. This works to help relax patients during their procedures so they’re less likely to move around, twitch, or jump while their dentist works. A popular name for sedation dentistry is “sleep dentistry,” although patients are usually awake during their appointment. The sedation is used to minimize a patient’s anxiety, no matter what work they’re getting done—from general cleanings to extensive procedures, your dentist will be able to work diligently and efficiently.


There are different types of sedation that your dentist will explain to you, along with discussing which one may be the best for you. Here are some the options that your dentist will dissect in further details:

· Nitrous Oxide: Popularly known as “laughing gas,” this is used by placing a mask over your nose and used to help you relax. There are levels of nitrous oxide that your dentist controls and wears off relatively quickly after the mask is removed.

· IV Sedation: If the patient is comfortable with needles, the sedation is received through a vein and works faster than other options. Your dentist is able to control the levels of sedation here, as well.

· Oral Sedation: There are different ranges of oral sedation that depends on the phobia of each patient. For a minimal amount of sedation, the patient is usually given a pill that’s taken an hour before their appointment that helps cause relaxation. It doesn’t put patients to sleep. If the patient needs more sedation, a larger dose may be given that can also cause them to fall asleep during their appointment.


If you’re interested in learning more about sedation dentistry and if it can benefit you, contact your sedation dentist in Ithaca by calling our office at (607) 272-3433.


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