Dentist Ithaca What's Causing Bad Breath?

Ithaca NY Dentist Discusses Halitosis and its Consequences of Not Treated


It’s not uncommon for someone to experience bad breath. Sometimes, that’s pizza with extra garlic or a burger with extra onions are calling your name and you can’t resist! This can cause temporary bad breath that can be masked after brushing your teeth or chewing a piece of gum, but may linger for a little longer than your liking. Unfortunately, bad breath can turn into a dental disease called halitosis if your oral care isn’t properly executed. Your Ithaca NY dentist is here to explain halitosis, what causes it, and how it can be prevented.


Though tasty, many foods can cause temporary bad breath, like the garlic and the onions, because the taste not only lingers on your tongue, but it also sits in your stomach for a while until it’s properly digested. While brushing and flossing will help, it won’t immediately go away.


On the other hand, if this habit of eating particularly strong-scented food continues, on top of ignoring your dental routine of brushing and flossing twice a day, then your bad breath may turn into something serious. If you’re not brushing or flossing, then the food particles and bacteria that are sitting between your teeth and residing on your gums and enamel are attacking and causing damage. Letting it sit there over time causes a bad smell and bad oral care.


Bad habits like smoking cigarettes and other tobacco use are prime examples as to why you’re experiencing bad breath. These can cause consistent bad breath because the scent lingers much longer and is harder to lose. The smell of cigarettes sticks to your clothes, your fingers, your lips and your tongue. This habit also stains your teeth, irritates your gums, and can over time hinder your ability to taste foods and drinks.


If your bad breath persists, then you’re at a risk for periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease. The reason for this is because of plaque building up on your teeth that weren't previously removed from brushing and flossing when it was simple bacteria. Gum disease can lead to swollen tender gums, tooth decay, and eventually tooth loss.


If you’ve been experiencing consistent bad breath and are worried about your future oral health, contact your Ithaca NY dentist by calling this number (607) 272-3433 or by clicking here to request an appointment.


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