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Different Types of Dental Sedation


There are many patients who experience fear or anxiety before their dental appointments. Children are especially susceptible to this fear and feel uneasy when they step inside the clinic.


Some common reasons patients feel anxious before an appointment include: 


•    Low pain tolerance

•    Tooth sensitivity

•    Feeling uncomfortable on the dentist’s chair


How to deal with it?

Because of these reasons, dentists have found a way to deal with the anxiety. They administer sedatives to the patient in order to smoothly perform the procedure in treating various dental problems.


What are sedatives?

Sedatives are drugs given to the patient making them stay awake in the process of the dental treatment. Though they will become sleepy, it is only its side effect. Its main effect is to make the patient calm from pain or anxiety while the procedures are being done.


What are the types of sedation?


1.    IV Sedation

It is the type of sedation where the sedative is given to the patient by injecting it into his bloodstream making the effects take place quicker. Once the IV sedatives have been taken away, the patient will become sleepy. So, make you have someone who can drive you home from the dentist. 


2.    General Anesthesia

This is another type of sedation where sedatives are intravenously injected. It is administered to the patient to make him fall asleep for the whole process of dental treatment.


3.    Oral Sedation

For those who are terrified of needles, it is the type of sedation that fits for them. The effects that it has are making the senses function weakly. Given with that fact, it means that the patients will not be able to create memories to remember about like:

•    how the dental treatment hurts,

•    the smell of the chemicals or anything applied on his teeth

•    the sound or noises that could be heard while the treatment is done

    In common cases, a dosage of this drug is consumed before the appointment to the dentist.


What type of sedation is right for me?

Each person has a different level of tolerance, so the right type of sedative may vary. If you do not know what type of sedation best fits for you, it is better to consult a dentist. You will need to undergo a medical examination before the dentist decides which type of sedation is best applied to your case. 


If you are interested in learning more, please contact your Ithaca dentist.