Dentist Ithaca Tooth Decay During Sleep

Ithaca NY Dentist Encourages Patients to Learn about the Dangers of Sleeping Open Mouthed


Everyone is more than familiar with bad breath in the morning, but does anyone know what causes it? Many patients don’t know that their saliva production reduces at night when you’re sleeping, which is what causes dry mouth. This lack of saliva increases if you sleep with your mouth open, so you’re more prone to experience this. Your Ithaca NY dentist is here to describe why it’s important to address dry mouth in the morning.


Although it may be easy to get rid of bad breath by brushing your teeth or drinking a glass of water, it can seriously affect the health status of your smile. Dry mouth is caused by a lack of saliva and dehydration and since there isn’t as much saliva being produced when you sleep, your teeth aren’t fully being protected. Normal sleepers aren’t very affected by this, but the pH levels in your saliva (which measures acidity and basicity) can dramatically go down if you breathe through your mouth at night.


The neutral pH level is 7 and anything below is considered acidic. There have been cases in the study where participants have had as low of a level as 3.6. A tooth starts losing its protective minerals after the level is below 5.5.


Learn more about the dangers of lack of saliva by reading this article. In order to protect your smile, schedule an appointment with your Ithaca NY dentist and call our office today at (607) 272-3433.


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