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While this may sound surprising to many patients, your dentists aren’t out to hurt you! That’s why avoiding your appointments does more damage to your oral health than if you take a deep breath and walk into that dental office in Ithaca, NY with your head held high. These appointments are made to further protect your teeth so you’re able to have a smile that lasts forever! Below are some tips from your dentist to remember when it comes to your oral health.


At-Home Dental Care is Vital
It’s highly recommended that you should visit your dentist at least every six months. In between this time period, it’s all up to you! Making sure you brush and floss your teeth every day is going to help your teeth last much longer and impress your dentist when you go in for your scheduled appointment. But don’t be fooled—brushing and flossing aren’t the only things you should be remembering. It’s also important to remember what you’re eating and how much damage those foods and drinks are doing to your teeth. Also, make sure that you’re only using your teeth for what they were made to handle. This means avoiding using your teeth as tools to open, rip, or break something to protect them and keep them strong.


A Healthy Smile is the Best Smile!
When it comes to your smile, many patients believe that they can never achieve the perfect smiles that they see celebrities have. Imitation is difficult in this sense because every patient has a smile that’s unique to them and someone else’s smile won’t fit their appearance. Don’t be discouraged that your smile doesn’t look like the one that your favorite celebrity has—as long as your teeth are healthy and strong, then you’ll be able to tell the difference because it not only improves your overall attitude but your self-esteem, as well!


Your Dentist Really isn’t Trying to Hurt You!
Many patients avoid going to or scheduling their appointments because of the physical pain they make experience while your dentist cleans your teeth. But believe us when we say that’s never our goal—we want to help create healthy smiles for our patients. If your gums are bleeding while your dentist cleans them, then there may be an issue with your oral habits, whether it’s cleaning ignorance or too much of a certain food or drink. When your dentist tells you to improve your dental routine, they’re telling you because they care!


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