Dentist Ithaca Timing is Everything

Provider of Dentistry in Ithaca NY on The Right Time for your Regimen

In any aspects of life, timing can be everything. How many times do you see your top provider of dentistry in Ithaca NY in a year? How often do you brush your teeth? How long do you brush your teeth for? Hours and minutes. Before and After. They all play into your dental destiny.


Organizations like the ADA (American Dental Association) created guidelines related to time based upon their years of research, as well as opinions and expertise of thousands of oral health professionals. They have faith that because every person has an internal clock, they can at least relate to the need of doing things X times in a daily basis or in a year. Whether they get done or not…that is up to each individual.


One area where these recommendations get a bit cloudy is with regard to flossing. Sure, the ADA recommends you floss at least once daily- but should it be done before or after flossing? The answer, though not exactly clear, has more to do with behavioral science than you may have imagined. See what some experts say about this topic by heading here: Dental Patient News.


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