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Ithaca NY Dentist on Relieving Your Ache

As a top Ithaca NY dentist, Dr. Comisi often treats patients who suffer from teeth sensitivity. In fact, as much as half of the world’s population (and our patients) experience some type of trouble with foods or drinks that are too hot, cold, sweet, or sour at some point in their life. To help potentially combat this far stretching issue from setting in, or to help diagnose what may have been (or is) causing it, today we will be discussing a cause and trigger correlation of teeth sensitivity.


First, to understand why our teeth ache from that steaming hot cappuccino, we need to know how it happens in the first place.


By reading this dental blog frequently- clear patterns concerning sugars and acids and how they harm your teeth will become very apparent. Long-term exposure to dietary choices high in either of these can result in erosion of the enamel, the protective layer of the teeth. Following the enamel’s fall from grace, the teeth are open to damage from the same wrongdoers, and can result in cavities, disease and much more.


Teeth sensitivity is caused by, in many cases, microscopic holes forming in the teeth from sugar and acid exposure, leaving tunnels to the nerve at the center. When this nerve comes into contact with almost anything thereafter, it can cause the mouth to ache tremendously.


So that same cup of java mentioned before? Not only can it cause the initial damage to the teeth, but it can trigger the sensitivity pain as well. The same can be said for any sugary and cold ice cream, a super sweet candy…so on and so forth.


But what about all of the sensitive teeth toothpaste, gels and mouthwashes available in the local pharmacy, specifically made to battle this condition? Well, while many newer versions of these products do promise to have some sort of method of filling in the holes in the teeth, reducing sensitivity, many more of them just cover the pain up temporarily. They typically include some type of numbing agent that works on the tooth for a period after application but do not address the bottom line issue very efficiently at all.


A visit to your Ithaca NY dentist is one of the only, and best ways, to truly help you deal with your sensitive teeth problems. Call the office of Dr. Comisi today at (607) 272-3433 to find out more.


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