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Ithaca NY Dentist on Saliva Super Powers

As a top Ithaca NY dentist, Dr. Comisi has experience in treating patients suffering from a multitude of dental related problems. One of the most common issues the doctor sees, that is often under-appreciated, is the impact of chronic dry mouth. Your saliva plays a crucial role in your oral health, and today we will be looking at some of its benefits, as well as how you can potentially increase production if need be.


Although your saliva levels will peak and valley naturally throughout several times in the day, or react directly to what you eat- a most important time for it to keep flowing is overnight while you sleep.


By sleeping with your mouth open at night, you can wake up with a case of “morning breath” that very few may truly appreciate. This unpleasant odor in part comes to fruition because of all the air flowing in and out of your mouth dries up saliva, halting production and disallowing its benefits to flourish.


But what benefits? Well, saliva acts as our mouths natural mouthwash. It can sneak between the crevices in our teeth and take away tiny particles of food, beverage or other that get stuck there and flush them away. Leaving these particles in place, especially overnight, can be one of the main results of bad breath.


 It also acts as a sort of “level neutralizer” in our mouths. If we have something that may not be beneficial to our teeth lingering, saliva can help naturally balance pH level and more to ensure optimal conditions. Saliva also helps protect the lining of our mouth, disallowing toxins (alcohol, etc.) from making their way right into the bloodstream, thus saving us from associated harm.


What can you do if suffering from a chronic dry mouth? Try adding some lemon juice to your water, chewing on xylitol enhanced gum and to drink plenty of fluids (especially water) during the day. Trying to breathe more through your nose while sleeping may not be the easiest “therapy” to accomplish, but it is possible and beneficial as well.


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