Dentist Ithaca Stain Relief for Teeth

Ithaca NY Dentist on Stain Relief

Too many patients of your Ithaca NY dentist, nothing can be worse than having a yellow or stained smile. For that very reason, Dr. Comisi offers some of the top cosmetic dental techniques and treatments available in the great state of New York.


No matter the treatment that you receive to make your smile shine brightly again, stains are always a lingering issue and can never really be ruled out as a factor. Sure, with a healthy diet, regular brushing and visits to your Ithaca NY dentist you are giving your teeth a fighting chance against stains, but as you age, the game changes.


The same foods, drinks and habits that once did nothing to your teeth can over time begin to become more and more of a factor. This is not only due to repetition but due to the ever-changing landscape of your teeth.


We recently found an article that nicely summarizes some of the most common staining agents, and how they can possibly react with your teeth differently over your lifetime. To review some of the information in that article, you can click here.


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