Dentist Ithaca Skip Brackets & Wires

Ithaca Area Dentist Offers Six Month Smiles Treatment as an Alternative to Traditional Orthodontics


Patients with misaligned teeth often avoid smiling and talking because they are self-conscious about the appearance of their smile. They may feel as though their smile is less than perfect and therefore not something they want to share with others. However, Ithaca area dentist, Dr. John C. Comisi, wants patients to visit his practice to learn about ways to address malocclusion without requiring unsightly metal bracket and wire braces. At Dental Care with a Difference, PC, he breaks away from traditional orthodontia and provides an alternative called Six Month Smiles.


Six Month Smiles is a bracket and wire therapy but utilizes tooth-colored orthodontia instead. These brackets and wires blend in more with the smile and are much more discreet than conventional means. Dr. John C. Comisi may recommend this treatment for patients with mild misalignment of the “social six,” the six teeth near the front of the mouth that are seen every time a patient smiles, talks, or laughs. By addressing these teeth, patients can greatly improve the appearance of their smile.


Six Month Smiles allows patients to achieve results faster than any other treatment available. This method focuses on the six anterior teeth and uses gentle forces for dramatic results. Patients love being able to improve their smile without conventional treatment and find it to be faster and more affordable than the alternatives. Most patients with mild misalignment of the anterior teeth are appropriate candidates for treatment. Those with more moderate to severe misalignment may still require a referral to a traditional orthodontist to discuss options available for treatment.


Ready to learn more? Dr. John C. Comisi and the team of Dental Care with a Difference, PC accepts new and existing patients ready to improve their smile, especially those considering orthodontics. He encourages patients to visit his practice at 2333 N. Triphammer Road #304 in Ithaca, NY and discuss the many possibilities for enhancing the smile, whether it’s with Six Month Smiles or any other cosmetic treatment readily available. Contact him today at (607) 272-3433 to schedule a consultation appointment and initial evaluation.