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Dental Office in Ithaca, NY Provides Ways that Patients May be Harming their Teeth


If you never forget to brush and floss your teeth in the morning and at night, then congratulations! You’re continuously on your way to creating a healthy smile that’s right for you. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t the only thing that you have to do in order to protect your teeth. There are ways that many patients damage their teeth every day and they may not even know it! That’s why your dental office in Ithaca, NY is here to provide you with different scenarios that you may be doing that’s hurting your smile.


Grinding Your Teeth
This can be a subconscious motion that you’re doing when you sleep, which is the most popular scenario. Many patients who grind their teeth don’t know that they’re doing it because they’re asleep when it occurs. They wake up with an aching jaw or sensitive teeth and don’t make the connection of teeth grinding to their pain, so it can go untreated for extended periods of time. This also occurs in bouts of stress and anxiety. This can be difficult to control, which is why it’s important to keep up with your bi-annual appointments. Your dentist can identify if there’s something that you may be doing that’s harming your teeth.


Using Your Teeth as Tools
While it may be impressive to your group of friends that you can open a beer bottle with your teeth, it won’t be impressive to your dentist when you’re there to fix a chip, break or crack. Your teeth are only able to break down foods, so putting that extra stress on them is making them more susceptible to an injury. Whether it’s a bottle, a bag of chips, or a tag on your new clothes, these are all able to cause damage to your smile.


Snacking in Between Meals
Although you may be hungry after one of your three main meals, it’s recommended to hold off on munching on chips or candies. When you eat your main meal, the bacteria from your food and drink has broken down the protective minerals that coat your teeth. These minerals come from your saliva and if you have multiple snacks in between your meals, you’re not allowing your saliva to recreate these minerals. Instead, these snacks are continuing to harm your teeth since you haven’t given your mouth a chance to protect your smile.


If you’re interested in learning about more bad habits that you may be doing that’s hurting your teeth, contact your dental office in Ithaca, NY by calling our office at (607) 272-3433. For your convenience, you’re able to request an appointment online by clicking here!


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