Dentist Ithaca Reasons to Seek Extraction

Dentist in Ithaca, New York discusses when tooth extractions may be necessary


Visiting a dentist in Ithaca, New York is the first step when patients feel as though they need to have a tooth extracted. Extractions are done to remove teeth from the bone of the jaw. It may be a baby tooth for a child or an adult tooth. Removal of a tooth is permanent and must be handled with care to ensure it is done correctly and that it is truly necessary.


Patients often ask their dentist when they may require an extraction. Below we will list a few situations in which removal of a tooth is necessary:


• A baby tooth needs to be removed to make room for a permanent adult tooth

• A permanent adult tooth needs to be removed in order to prepare the smile for orthodontic treatment (typically required in situations where overcrowding is a concern)

• A tooth has been infected or damaged far beyond the point of repair with fillings or root canal therapy and needs to be removed

•  An injury has occurred to the mouth and the tooth cannot be successfully reattached

• The patient is preparing for the placement of a full denture in which all teeth in the arch need to be extracted


Patients who are faced with the need for extraction are often worried about making a permanent change to their smile. However, Dr. John C. Comisi and his team encourage patients to learn about their options before moving forward with tooth removal. He can discuss any possible alternatives before this permanent choice needs to be made. He can also provide a second opinion for patients who have already seen another professional beforehand and are interested in finding out if there are other options available.


At Dental Care with a Difference, PC, we provide patients with the services they require when they need them most. This means extractions as necessary. Patients in and around Ithaca, New York are welcome to contact our practice and connect with Dr. John C. Comisi. We are conveniently located at 2333 N. Triphammer Road, #304 and can be reached at (607) 272-3433. Call to schedule an appointment today!