Dentist Ithaca Re-Mineralizing Your Teeth

Bacteria can cause many unwarranted dental complications– tooth decay, cavities, periodontal diseases, etc. The exterior of your teeth, also known as the enamel, is composed of different minerals components with traces of magnesium, sodium, chloride, and calcium– minerals that bacteria finds incredibly appetizing.


Demineralization happens when bacteria attacks the enamel and takes the minerals away from it. As a preventative measure, you can revert this process through natural methods in a process called remineralization. With these suggestions from your Cosmetic Dentistry Ithaca NY 14850, remineralization is possible.


Natural Methods of Remineralization




Chewing is a good way to increase the flow of saliva, so thoroughly chewing your food during meals and eating healthy, crunchy foods, such as carrots or celery, can help.


Avoid Sugar


Demineralization can be largely attributed to poor dietary habits, such as eating way too much sugar, carbohydrates, and processed food. Since sugar tends to cling to the teeth as the perfect bait for bacteria, it’s best to steer clear of sweets and acidic substances. And since food particle-laden teeth serve as a feeding ground for acid-inducing bacteria, demineralization occurs in the tooth enamel, which ultimately leads to cavities, decay, and other dental problems.


Eat a Well-Balanced Diet


You can promote the natural process remineralization by having a steady intake of vitamins and minerals that nourish your teeth. These include fish, grass-fed poultry and meats, dark green leafy vegetables, avocados, and green tea.


In the end, observing proper dental habits is the best way to promote remineralization without even knowing it. Brushing your teeth three times a day and flossing regularly are two of the most essential dental hygiene habits that you should religiously observe if you want your teeth to be in their best condition. Visiting your Cosmetic Dentistry Ithaca NY 14850 twice a year is also a good habit to keep those pearly whites in check.