Ithaca Veneers and Implants

The Bioclear Method

The Bioclear Method for composites is a shift in dentistry offering more affordable options with superior results. It is our mission to provide our patients with longer lasting, stronger and aesthetically superior composite restorations.


The Bioclear Method is a minimally invasive and cost-effective treatment using clear matrix forms which are then injection molded with tooth colored restorative material that can improve the size, shape, color of your teeth. These forms are then removed leaving a smooth contoured surface that has a beautiful shine that is smooth to the touch. These matrix forms initially sit just below the gum line, meaning means that your teeth will appear to emerge very naturally and tight contacts will be achieved to close dark spaces between your teeth and give you a healthy youthful smile.


Bioclear treatment is perfect for closing all types of spaces between your teeth, changing the size and shape of your teeth and providing a wonderful smile, often with little to no tooth grinding or tooth removal.


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