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The Oravital System

Your dentist in Ithaca NY, Dr. Comisi, is proud to provide patients with the revolutionary Oravital System to help improve oral heath.


This system is a highly effective, safe, easy and non-invasive way to treat periodontal disease and even helps eliminate bad breath!


When you visit Dr. Comisi's office, he will examine your mouth for any dental problems, and will also review your medical history to see if you have any outlying conditions or factors that could contribute to gum disease or halitosis, chronic bad breath.
Following this, your Ithaca dentist will follow the Oravital System's five steps:
1. Screen- Dr. Comisi will use a swab to collect a sample from your mouth. This swab will be sent off to a lab to identify any harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease and/or bad breath.
2. Treatment- if the report comes back that there are indeed harmful microorganisms in your mouth, Dr. Comisi will prescribe you with Oravital rinse to use for approximately two weeks to eliminate this bacteria and return proper balance to your oral health.
3. Evaluation- following initial treatment, you will have another evaluation of your gums and breath.
4. Maintenance- regularly scheduled visits with your Ithaca Oravital provider Dr. Comisi, as well as daily brushing, flossing and rinsing with Oravital on your behalf are essential in making sure you can prevent the bacteria and associated issues from returning.
5. Re-evaluation- make sure to see Dr. Comisi at least twice a year for general dental check-ups and have him perform an Oravital microbial test, at least, at one of these visits. With constant care and management, the bacteria in your mouth should be balanced- but with a test, it can be easier to diagnose and treat before problems re-arise.
With over an 85% success rate, Dr. Comisi did not hesitate in bringing in the Oravital System to his Ithaca NY dental office to help patients treat bad breath and mild to moderate gum disease.
For more information on Oravital, you can Visit Their Site, or call our office today at (607) 272-3433.