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Ithaca NY Dentist on Helpful Vitamins and Minerals

As a great number of the blogs compiled by your Ithaca NY dentist will detail, diet plays a tremendous role in your overall oral health. Vitamins and minerals are a huge part of all the things you choose to eat and drink, whether they are lacking these items to a certain degree or not. To best inform all of our patients, today we will be discussing some of the mouth healthiest vitamins and minerals…what they do and where to get them naturally.


Not many people think of “acid” as being a supplement that is great for the teeth, but in the case of folic acid, it indeed can be. You can boost personal levels of it by adding peas, spinach and asparagus to your diet. With these additions, you will be helping regrow and strengthen cells of not only your teeth and gums, but your whole body will see these benefits over time as well.


Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium, which is often why they go hand in hand. Both of these vitamins and minerals are very popular and well known for being in many dairy related options, and that is exactly where you can look for them. In cheeses, soy, low fat or almond milk, dark leafy greens and many other options can help you reap these benefits. What benefits would they be? Strengthening the teeth and bones specifically.


Lastly, a most popular and common vitamin, vitamin C is present in foods such as berries, tomatoes, broccoli and most recognizable: oranges. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps lower levels of inflammation, usually correlated to gum disease. By consuming too much of the items containing this vitamin, like orange juice, it can, in fact, be detrimental to the teeth. Citric acid can erode the enamel of the teeth, leaving them wide open for more damaging factors.


It is important to always be knowledgeable of the things you put into your body and their impact they can have. To receive more suggestions on dental positive foods you can add, or to schedule an appointment with your Ithaca NY dentist, call our office at (607) 272-3433 today.


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