Dentist Ithaca Missing Your Smile?

Checking Out Dental Implants Ithaca Can Help Revive Your Smile!

Have you ever been too uncomfortable to smile? Not because of the situation you’re in, or who you’re talking to, but because you’re simply embarrassed of the missing tooth you have? One thing is for sure: you’re certainly not alone. There are hundreds of people who feel the same way as you and think that there’s no solution, but looking into Dental Implants Ithaca may be just the right choice.
With a dentist that will perform dental implants, they will be able to give you back the smile you’ve been missing, along with numerous other advantages. There are multiple health benefits for this procedure, as well!
The consequences of not replacing a missing tooth can cause further pain to your mouth and diseases are more susceptible in that spot. Also, since the sides of your teeth in that gap are now exposed, it’s very easy for those teeth to be ruined or damaged.
Implants give people the ability to eat tough foods and not have them worry about anything falling out, loosening, or making a clicking sound, which would be some of the occurrences that may happen if you simply have dentures.
The dental implant is a titanium post that simulates the root of a natural tooth. Titanium is a strong, biocompatible metal, which means that it won’t be rejected by the body. It acts like a regular tooth, and with the work that your dentist will put into it, it will look like that gap was never there!
Because these dental implants provide the same functions as a natural tooth, they’re becoming the best and most beneficial choice when it comes to people who have permanently lost their teeth. If you have any further questions, contact your Dental Implants Ithaca dentist today at this number (607) 272-3433.