Dentist Ithaca Let Picasso Improve Your Smile!

How the Picasso Laser helps your Dentist in Ithaca, NY Provide Better Care


Our office has been established under the name of "Dental Care with a Difference" ® PC for a very clear reason: we want to make a difference in your oral health, and in the experiences you have when you visit the dentist! Our highly trained staff holds the experience that you can rely on to get results. Perhaps even more importantly, we perform care with YOU in mind; your comfort, your satisfaction, your goals. Millions of people dread seeing the dentist. It is our hope to make your visits as pleasant and as productive as they can be. In some cases, that means that we turn to the latest laser devices such as the Picasso laser to enhance the patient experience. If you need a dentist in the area of Ithaca, NY, consider one who is well-versed in the use of dental lasers.


Why Dentists – and their Patients - Love Lasers

Patients who visit our Ithaca office realize very quickly that we prioritize their unique needs, and that we rely in the right technologies to meet them. Laser dentistry has become increasingly common since the mid-90s, and innovative devices offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Minimally invasive soft-tissue treatments
  • Greater comfort and less bleeding during soft-tissue treatments
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Less post-operative swelling and discomfort
  • Less stress and anxiety during dental care

Dental lasers may be used in a variety of procedures. This technology has significantly improved the way that we treat gum disease; even more advances cases of periodontal disease. Using laser light, it is possible to pinpoint areas of inflammation and infection, and remove those tissues with a great deal of precision. The benefit of greater accuracy is that surrounding healthy tissue remains intact. In addition to removing damaged tissue, laser therapy also encourages remaining gum tissue to reattach to root and tooth surfaces by reducing the depth of pockets that have formed around them.


Cosmetic Care with Lasers

Lasers are not only intended for therapeutic advantages; devices like the Picasso dental laser may also be involved in creating a more attractive smile. Gum contouring, like other soft tissue procedures, has been made much more precise and gentle thanks to lasers, which quickly shape the gums to reveal more tooth structure, eliminating a “gummy smile.”


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