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If You’re On the Go, Your Ithaca NY Dentist Suggests Tips to Keep Your Teeth Clean & Safe


With the school year just around the corner, there are parents and kids alike that are in a constant state of motion. Being on the move with your schedule full, it is difficult to remember simple steps throughout your day like eating breakfast or brushing your teeth. But it’s important to keep up with your daily dental routine of brushing your teeth in the morning and at night because you don’t know just how much your teeth suffer throughout the day. Below, your Ithaca NY dentist provides tips on how to protect your teeth when you’re on the go!


First, knowing the importance of your oral care is the key to helping you remember why you should brush your teeth in the morning and night. Even ignoring one instance of brushing can damage your teeth throughout the rest of the day. If you don’t brush in the morning, your teeth are far more vulnerable throughout the day to acid attacks and sugary foods and drinks. This makes your teeth more susceptible to cavities, tooth decay, and eventual tooth loss.


Here are a couple of ways to protect your teeth throughout the day if you’ve forgotten to brush in the morning:


Drink Water
While this may sound like a silly suggestion, drinking water works with your teeth, as well as your body. If you drink water, you’ll trigger your saliva glands, which will stimulate saliva flow. In your saliva, there are minerals that work to protect your tooth enamel. Also, water that includes fluoride helps protect your teeth, too! Fluoride works against bacteria and minimizes the chances of cavities.


Sugar-Free Gum
This gum also stimulates saliva flow, reducing the chances of plaque and bacteria building up. This is also helpful if you’re experiencing bad breath from a particularly smelly meal, perhaps one that includes garlic and/or onions. Xylitol, an ingredient that’s commonly in sugar-free gum, is a natural sweetener that works against acid attacks.


To learn more about ways to protect your teeth while you’re on the move, contact your Ithaca NY dentist by calling our office at (607) 272-3433 or clicking here to request an appointment.


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