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The Signs and Symptoms of Bruxism

Dr. John Comisi, your Ithaca New York dentist, is one of the leading experts in the country when it comes to TMJ and TMD disorders. The doctor has written numerous articles, papers and more on the subject- and has treated countless numbers of patients suffering from a jaw disorder of some type.


One of the issues that can often lead to TMJ related disorders is something called bruxism, which is a chronic grinding of the teeth. Many patients suffering from bruxism can often be committing this act in their sleep, subconsciously, as a means of “grinding the stresses of the day away,” and thus, may not know they are even doing it. For that very reason, we have listed some of the signs and symptoms of bruxism below for your review:


-Chewing surface of the tooth wearing away/fractures forming in the teeth.

-Chronic headaches developing.

-Popping or clicking sounds starting when you open/shut the jaw.

-Loose or sensitive teeth.

-Jaw or other facial pain.


If you experience any, or all of the above symptoms, seeing your Ithaca New York dentist sooner, rather than later, would be to your benefit. Left untreated, bruxism can lead to decay, disease, tooth loss, structural damage and more. And with things as simple as a mouth guard that is worn at night, to stress management, behavioral therapy or cosmetic surgical options available from Dr. Comisi- your grinding can come to a stop and mouth could be in amazing shape once again.


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