Dentist Ithaca Importance of Dental Cleaning

Dental Office in Ithaca, NY offers Dental Cleaning to restore the beauty of your smile

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is not only a part of personal care but also helps in preventing bad breath, tooth decay and gum diseases. Maintaining good oral hygiene helps you keep your teeth when you get old.


Tartar builds on the teeth over time, the teeth have an ability to self-clean the surface by the washing action of saliva. But often sticky food substance results in bacterial accumulation and formation of a sticky, colorless layer called the plaque. The plaque, if not removed, becomes hard by using calcium from the saliva and is referred to as calculus, which appears as yellowish hue on the tooth surface. As calculus forms between the tooth and the gum tissue, inflammation of the gum occurs which is known as gingivitis. As a result of this inflammation, the soft tissue or also called the gum tissue pulls away from the tooth surface forming a pocket which is infected with bacteria.


The brush often fails to remove the build up of calculus and hence ultrasonic scaling procedure is required which is the dental cleaning. Routine cleaning by brush only focuses on the tooth surfaces which are above the gum line. The scaling and root planing (smoothening the root surface) procedure removes plaque, tartar and bacterial toxins from surfaces below the gum line, hence clearing the pockets and allow healing of the gum tissue.


Scaling and root planing procedure are generally carried out without anesthesia, but sometimes to keep the patient comfortable, the dentist numbs the area before the procedure begins. Depending on the situation, the dentist may also apply fluoride as an oral medication to that area.


Without treatment, the calculus continues to build up and release toxic waste products that can result in swelling and bone resorption. Scaling and root planing removes the source of infection and helps gum heal and tighten around the teeth and gives you back your healthy smile.