Dentist Ithaca How to Stop Bleeding Gums

Methods to Stop Bleeding Gums

One complaint that is often heard from patients in every dentist office throughout the United States is issues with bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are not something to take lightly, as this could signal a bigger issue. This could be a sign of a serious medical condition, or that you are developing gum disease. In many causes this could be caused by plaque buildup on the teeth, which is something that can be treated. Ask your Ithaca dentist, Dr. Comisi, to take a look at your gums if they are bleeding to determine the next course of action.


Why Gums Bleed


There are several reasons why your gums could be bleeding. Some of these reasons were mentioned beforehand, with the plaque buildup being the most common. However, other reasons include:


- Brushing with a hard toothbrush or brushing the teeth too hard

- Hormonal changes seen in women, especially during pregnancy

- Not flossing properly, which has led to the buildup of plaque

- Infection in the gum line or the teeth

- Having a deficiency in Vitamin K


The good news is that with a little knowledge about bleeding gums and working with a dentist you can get this issue to stop once and for all. And in stopping this, you are on the road to better dental health.


Steps for Solving Bleeding Gums


For those who are dealing with bleeding gums, you need to see your dentist to rule out any potential serious cause such as having cancer or other serious issues. From here, there are several steps that you can take at home to help get your gums back to a healthy state:


1) Utilize a soft bristle toothbrush for brushing teeth, and brush teeth at least twice per day.


2) Floss at least once per day to eliminate plaque buildup.


3) Utilize a good mouthwash to help with bacteria in the mouth, especially if there once was an infection present.


4) Consider utilizing an oral irrigation device to help massage the gums, which can help to stop bleeding.


Always contact your dentist immediately if the bleeding becomes more severe, or if bleeding lasts longer than it should. This is not an issue that you need to put off as it could become more serious. Consult with Dr. Comisi, your Ithaca dentist, today before your bleeding gums leads to more serious complications.