Dentist Ithaca How To Prepare For Your Visit

Dentistry in Ithaca NY Appointment Prep

Is your upcoming appointment with Dr. Comisi, your top provider of dentistry in Ithaca NY, going to be your first with the doctor? Maybe not, but it has been a while since you have been to the dentist and a lot has changed? Or, while we hope this isn’t the case, maybe it is your first time to the dentist ever?


No matter what your situation is- appointments always have an “interesting” dynamic to them. While our office delivers specialized and specific attention to every patient, sometimes patients may feel a little “hesitant” in offering things up, or “pressured” even.


To help defeat that mindset, we make sure to support and surround patients with our friendly staff and warm atmosphere- but sometimes, unfortunately, that can’t even crack the code.


For that reason, today we have supplied a few tips that will help you get the most out of your visit:


Update Forms

We offer patient questionnaires, privacy policy, and more forms online so that you can fill them out ahead of time. Sometimes new or developing issues that may have occurred to you can slip your mind, but can be vital to your treatment. They should be documented for us accordingly.


Take your time to fill out these forms carefully and honestly at home before you come into the office, so that you do not feel “rushed” and leave some important details out.


Make Lists

Patient education and answering all of your questions about dentistry is as important as the treatment to your Ithaca NY dentist. However, sometimes we know that in the middle of getting examined, treatment and everything else that goes into an appointment- thoughts you may have had beforehand can become lost in the fray.


Try to make a list of any important questions or issues you want to bring up to Dr. Comisi beforehand. Hopefully, with a physical reminder, you will know what to ask before you leave.


Schedule Your Next One!

Lastly, we have seen that the best way to prepare for your appointment is to schedule your next one when you are leaving our office. If a patient sets a date and leaves with a reminder from us, they are much more likely to actually keep the date. We hear the “I will call in 5 months” thing a lot…and 5 can become 10 or more, unfortunately.


To schedule your appointment with the top provider of dentistry in Ithaca NY, call our office today at (607) 272-3433.


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