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Our dental office in Ithaca NY, founded by Dr. John Comisi, is known for having some of the top experts treating TMJ related disorders around. TMJ, the temporal-mandibular joint, is the joint where the skull and the lower jaw meet. Besides the two bones that come together at this area, there are also several muscles and cartilage that can be injured if trouble in this area arises.


One of the top ways that TMJ issues can surface is through bruxism, chronic tooth grinding. And for that very reason, today we will be taking a look at the signs of bruxism, results and possible solutions to it as well.



Bruxism typically occurs at night when a patient is asleep. Some professionals say it acts as a subconscious means of relieving the stress of the day. And while some patients have said their teeth grinding was loud enough to wake a loved one, for others it could go unnoticed- and then untreated.


If you notice that your teeth are becoming physically smaller, losing chewing surface, and you are suffering from newly established migraines and/or clicks/pops in the TMJ area- you could be grinding your teeth at night.



If teeth grinding goes untreated, severe dental detriments can result.  The teeth can become loose and fall out, the surrounding jaw muscles and bones can become injured and worn, the face can even become deformed from structural damage. Microscopic cracks can even start to form in the teeth, leading to more frequent instances of decay and disease as well.



Once teeth grinding is identified by your Ithaca TMJ dentist, treatment should begin right away. One of the most popular options for immediate treatment is a nightly worn mouth guard that prevents the teeth from grinding. Other solutions include stress management classes, correcting the bite with orthodontics and other appliances, massage and surgery at the most extreme levels.


For more information on how Dr. Comisi and our dental office in Ithaca NY can help treat your teeth grinding and TMJ pain- call us today at (607) 272-3433.


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