Dentist Ithaca Don't Over-Consume Caffeine!

Dentists in Ithaca Dive into the Reasons Why Parents Should Keep Children Away from Caffeine


One of the most common myths that children hear and parents tell—if you drink coffee at a young age, you could stunt your growth and be short for the rest of your life! This is a silly idea and certainly isn’t true, but it puts the idea in your head: what does caffeine actually do to children? Your dentists in Ithaca delve into the idea of caffeine and what it does to your children’s overall health, including their smile.


An important reason that parents should try to keep children away from drinking a lot of coffee, or drinking coffee at all, is because this beverage is an appetite-suppressor. There are people who substitute enjoying a hearty and filling breakfast for a tall cup of coffee, which will negatively affect your diet since you’re not getting the proper nutrients that you should. This goes for children, too—if they’re not consuming the right foods and drinks, they’re more likely to have a poor diet.


Coffee isn’t the only culprit to harm a smile; there are other caffeinated drinks that cause damage to your smile. Soft drinks like energy drinks, sodas, sports drinks and fruit juices are loaded with a number of sugars and damaging acidity that soften and weaken your teeth, making them extremely vulnerable. Overconsuming these drinks can result in a number of cavities, suffering from tooth decay, and lead to potential tooth loss!


There are a number of negative side effects that caffeine can have on a child, including the high amount of calories consumed and how it can affect their sleeping patterns.


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