Dentist Ithaca Don't Let Decay Sneak Up on You

Ithaca Dentist Explains Why Putting Off Check-Ups is Threatening to Your Smile


Sometimes, even when you’re working to protecting your smile by brushing, your teeth are still vulnerable for issues like caries, or cavities. Although people may believe that they’re doing enough to take care of their teeth, there is still a chance of damage occurring. Your Ithaca dentist wants all patients to know that these simple check-up appointments are for their benefit in order to prevent tooth decay.


The secret of tooth decay is that it’s constantly attacking, but may only be noticeable to the person himself when it’s too late. It begins before a patient will notice during their day-to-day lives, which is why these bi-annual check-ups are so important. Without these appointments, a patient may need surgery in order to extract the infected tooth in order to save the rest of your smile.


Learn about the signs that can result in tooth decay and make sure that you’re keeping up with your dental care by making an appointment with your Ithaca dentist by calling (607) 272-3433 today.


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