Dentist Ithaca Defeating Dental Myths

Top Provider of Dentistry in Ithaca NY Shuts Down Hearsay

Dr. Comisi, your top provider of general and cosmetic dentistry in Ithaca NY, hears it all. Every miracle dental cure, rumor, and myth can get passed by the doctor on a daily basis, with only a handful actually holding any real factual relevance, unfortunately.


Today- to help “deflate” some commonly heard dental myths or rumors, your Ithaca dentist is going to discuss three that he has heard most recently:


Sugarless Gum as a Brushing Replacement

Simplification is aimed for in most things today. We create technology that makes our work lives easier (generally) and many patients may look for the easiest way of doing personal tasks as well. Unfortunately, this does not always apply to oral health. The best way to maintain your gorgeous smile at home is to brush twice daily and floss regularly. Nothing, including chewing some gum daily, can replace a solid routine.


Brushing Bleeding Gums is Bad

Most patients who suffer from bleeding gums will first notice they are dealing with this issue because they are brushing their teeth or flossing. Ironically, it just so happens that the most common cause of bleeding gums is a LACK of brushing and flossing which leads to inflammation. Brushing the teeth while the gums are bleeding is in fact one of the only ways to stop the bleeding from occurring at all. Don’t let a little red prevent your routine from going ahead.


Only Harmful Sugars Can Cause Cavities

Dental cavities (or caries) and decay result from bacteria that produces acid in the mouth. These bacteria eat the sugars of the foods that we eat, including any carbohydrates and/or glucose/fructose/etc. that you may gain from healthier options. Food and drink that is very acidic in nature can also result in erosion of the enamel of the teeth- leading to a more likely chance of getting cavities as well.


Your top provider of dentistry in Ithaca NY hopes that by exposing the truths behind some of these dental related rumors it will help you boost your oral health practices outside of our office doors. If you have any rumors needing clearing up, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Comisi- call our office today at (607) 272-3433.


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