Dentist Ithaca Daytime Desserts Damage Teeth

Ithaca New York Dentist Shares Why Eating Desserts at Work can Wreck Your Teeth


Desserts are usually meant for a special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party, a celebration, or just because you want to treat yourself, sitting down and enjoying a cupcake or brownies can feel extremely rewarding. It’s common to find these kind of desserts in the kitchen of your workplace and it’s also exciting! When you’re at work and you find desserts, your mood improves and you find yourself enjoying the moment a little bit more. But your Ithaca New York dentist wants patients to know the consequences of enjoying desserts during the day.


It’s quite common for workplaces to fill their kitchen up with pastries and desserts. Offices want to treat their employees and show them that they care, so purchasing them a gift or a sentiment such as desserts is one of the ways to show a staff that they’re proud of their efforts and accomplishments. But there have been studies that show that some adults consume much more sugar while they’re at work than they do at home, if they have any at home at all.


Consuming sugar consistently during your workday can put you into a bad habit of doing it every day, especially if it’s readily available at the place that you travel to for a majority of your week. Of course desserts and other sweets are delicious, but it shouldn’t be something that you’re eating a lot of, several times a day.


Cutting down on sugary foods and drinks during your workday can dramatically improve your oral and dental health. It’s easy to get a cavity or experience tooth decay if you’re consistently consuming desserts in between meals, but it’s not always so easy to do the opposite. Think about replacing these foods with vegetables and fruits in order to improve not only your oral and dental health, but your overall health, as well.


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