Dentist Ithaca Conquering Flossing

Dentistry in Ithaca NY On Owning Your Flossing

As the top provider of dentistry in Ithaca NY, Dr. Comisi often hears all the excuses one could imagine about not flossing. Whether it has to do with it being too “time consuming,” or how “food never gets stuck in my teeth…ever,” he has seen the damage a lack of flossing can cause to the mouth.


In fact, it is estimated that not only our patients but only around half (50%) of patients around the world floss on a daily basis. That makes the other half, who don’t floss daily, much more likely to encounter the “typical” dental detriments of tooth decay and gum disease, but also some of the more “atypical” correlations, such as heart disease, diabetes and more.


That’s right. Researchers and doctors are finding correlations between the bad bacteria in the mouth and other whole-body-health issues almost daily, so flossing can really, save your life in some way.


Besides having that knowledge now, are you still having a hard time coming to flossing daily? Well luckily for you, your top Ithaca NY dentist has provided a list of some tips and tricks to help you conquer your flossing habit today. You can head here to read more.


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