Dentist Ithaca CBT Improving Dental Fears

Ithaca NY Dentist Discusses Therapy Option for Patients with Dental Anxiety


Your smile is something that needs constant attention! When it comes to your oral and dental health, your teeth are in need of care every day by brushing, flossing, and having a careful diet. Another important technique in order to strengthen your smile is to keep up with your bi-annual appointments with your Ithaca NY dentist. Unfortunately, there are many patients who have a deep fear of going to the dentist, which holds them back from protecting their teeth from everyday use.


The use of sedation in dentistry is one of the solutions in order for patients to receive the treatment they need. But not every patient is comfortable with the idea of using sedation, which can continue to halt their treatment and prolong improving your smile. Thankfully, there are other forms of treatment that can help overcome their dental phobia. CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, works to fight a patient’s anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems that can hold them back from daily activities that may seem like a simple task to those who aren’t plagued this way.


Read more about what CBT can do to reduce their phobia by clicking here. Once you’re ready to start working on your smile, contact your Ithaca NY dentist to make an appointment by calling (607) 272-3433 or clicking here to fill out a form online in the comfort of your own home.


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