Dentist Ithaca Bleeding Gums: Cause and Cure

Ithaca NY Dentist on Beating Bleeding Gums

Have you seen a little bit of red in that white toothpaste foam you spit out every morning? You are more than likely suffering from a case of bleeding gums.


How do the gums get that way and what can be done to change it? Today Dr. Comisi, your Ithaca NY dentist is here with tips and information on beating your bleeding gums!


As mentioned above, you probably first noticed your gums were bleeding as a result of brushing or flossing your teeth one morning or night. For most patients, the reason that their gums got to be in that condition in the first place is because they don’t floss or brush enough!


That’s right! Even though some vitamin deficiencies can cause initial bleeding gums incidents, the number one cause is an underwhelming at-home oral health regimen.


By not brushing or flossing daily, tartar, plaque and bacteria can build up along the gum line and cause inflammation. This inflammation can lead to a bleeding at the simplest touch then.


The best way to beat it? To continue brushing and flossing through the bleeding. It is against most human’s nature to want to “disturb” any wound that may be bleeding, but the ultimate way to stop it in this instance is to keep your regimen intact until it ceases to be an issue.


If you choose not to improve upon your regimen, serious dental complications could arise or could have already come to fruition. Instances of serious gum disease, decay, tooth loss, structural damage and more can all come after bleeding gums. More serious, whole-body health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and more are even being linked to chronic gum disease too…so your regimen does more than just save your teeth, it can save your life.


Whenever you see your gums starting to bleed, it is important to step up your regimen right away. If you do not see some improvement over time, make sure to discuss it with your Ithaca NY dentist at your next appointment.


You can schedule that appointment by calling our Ithaca NY office today at (607) 272-3433.


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