Dentist Ithaca Avoid Drill Dentistry

Ithaca, NY patients enjoy No Drill Dentistry with Dr. John C. Comisi


It is no surprise that adults have a fear of the dentist. Dr. John C. Comisi in Ithaca, NY is a dedicated dentist who believes that a visit to the dental chair shouldn’t be scary or intimidating. When dental anxiety is a problem, he calmly reassures his patients with no drill dentistry.


What is no drill dentistry? No drill dentistry is dental care without the noisy instruments that often make patients cringe at the sound! Instead, many of our procedures are done without these instruments thanks to advanced technology used in our facility. Below are a couple of special state-of-the-art devices used in our practice that may eliminate the need for traditional treatments:


  • Oravital system – patients with periodontal disease may not need to undergo procedures such as scaling and root planing. Instead, the Oravital system may be recommended. This is a special type of rinse that can be used to fight infection in the mouth.
  • Dentalvibe – Dentalvibe offers pain-free anesthetic shots when patients are preparing for dental procedures.
  • Velscope – Velscope is one way for patients to undergo an oral assessment. This special tool can diagnose issues such as oral cancer, squamous papillomas, inflammation, and other types of infection that may not be physically visible to the eye.
  • Isolite system – the Isolite system is available to provide easy to see treatment with a specialized mouthpiece that offers better visibility, safety, and patient comfort.
  • Perio protect – Perio protect is another option for patients who have periodontal disease and want to treat their smile at home in a comfortable yet effective manner. Trays are used with special gels to address infections within the gum tissue.


Ready for no drill dentistry? Contact Dental Care with a Difference and make an appointment with Dr. John C. Comisi. His practice is located at 2333 N. Triphammer Road #304 in Ithaca, NY and can be reached by calling (607) 272-3433. Now is the time to make that dental visit you’ve been too anxious to schedule!